Future evolution of glaciers

Future evolution of glaciers#

Globally or regionally:#


Find out about the global future evolution of glaciers! This interactive graphic displays the volume change of all glaciers worldwide under four different global warming scenarios between +1.5°C and +4°C until 2100. You can also compare the global evolution to single glacier regions.

To start the app, click on this link: badge_bokeh_en

European Alps:#


You can also only look at the evolution of glaciers in the European Alps and compare the different alpine countries

To start the app, click on this link: badge_bokeh_en_alps


Fabien Maussion, Zora Schirmeister and Lilian Schuster

Data sources#

Data: Rounce et al. (2022)

Source code#

Code and data are on GitHub for the Global App, and the European Alps App, BSD3 licensed.

We welcome any app improvements. Just write us a mail with the jupyter-notebook or send us a pull request!