Future evolution of glaciers in the European Alps


Find out about the future evolution of glaciers in the European Alps! This interactive graphic displays the volume change of all alpine glaciers under three different RCP-scenarios. In addition, the glacier evolution of the different alpine countries can be compared.

To start the app, click on this link: badge_bokeh_en

Data sources

Data: Zekollari et al. (2019)

Source code

Code and data are on GitHub, BSD3 licensed.

Possible future app improvements

  • display of uncertainties into the graphic

  • possibility to choose between absolute and percentage change of volume

  • adding a map in which the user can select glaciers

  • implement tick-boxes for choosing the displayed RCP-scenarios

  • two dropdown menus to give the opportunity that every region can be compared to every other region/country

If you are interested to contribute you can send us the edited file per mail or with a pull-request. Thanks!



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