OGGM-Edu in classes and workshops#

OGGM-Edu can readily be used in your classes and workshops - we encourage you to try it out! Depending on your own knowledge about glaciers, this can require some preparation. Check out Other educational resources if you are interested in the fundamentals and online textbook materials.

Currently, we are working on developing course materials suitable for classes at the high school level (using the OGGM-Edu web applications) and at the university level (using the web applications and the programmable notebooks).

You will find some help to get you started below.

New since June 2022! Teaching materials for your glaciology labs

We recently created two activities based on the OGGM-Edu web apps that are suitable for high-school or university students with no previous knowledge about glaciers. These activities have been tested in class and provide a well defined activity schedule and instructor materials. Check them out on the SERC platform:

Using the OGGM-Edu web apps in high school#

The OGGM-Edu web apps are well suited for high-school activities. See for example this blog post by PhD students Lilian Schuster and Zora Schirmeister about the 3-day long excursion they organized for a class, with help of OGGM-Edu.

The apps are meant to be used in order:

  1. General introduction to glaciers: what is a glacier, where do we find them, why are they important?

  2. Learn about different glacier types in the Glacier Gallery.

  3. Learn about the glaciers location and their climate with the World Glaciers Explorer app. Use the sample questions to encourage the students to explore the app by themselves or in small groups.

  4. For more advanced classes, learn about glacier flow with the Glacier Simulator. This app can be used for a number of different experiments, and can be complemented with a glacier goo experiment.

See also the two OGGM-Edu lab activities hosted on SERC:

Using the OGGM-Edu notebooks at university#

For students with programming knowledge (or willing to learn!), the OGGM-Edu notebooks add a layer of depth and interactivity to the apps.

The use of notebooks in classes is expanding rapidly (see for example the great resource Teaching and Learning with Jupyter for an in-depth introduction). At OGGM, we use notebooks frequently for our own lectures or tutorials, and we are big fans! They help convey knowledge in an interactive and fun way, and they encourage active learning.

Visit the OGGM-Edu-Notebooks webpage to see them in action! Our For teachers: using notebooks in classes page will help you to get started with your class.

Existing classes based on OGGM-Edu#

Here are some known applications of OGGM-Edu in classes. You can use them “as is”, or as templates for your own classes. We would love to hear back from you: if you are creating educational resources based on OGGM-Edu, please get in touch so that we can highlight them!